Hi Magazine – To Crepe or not to crepe? Why Crepe Runner?

Crepe Runner has been a topic of discussion in the culinary scene since 2019 when they started off in a food truck down Marine Drive, revolutionizing the food truck industry in the area. Once things took off, Crepe Runner owner, Abdus Salaam opened up his first Crepe Runner café in Mount Lavinia. Soon after, he and his team went on to open a stall in the food court at the Maharagama Cool Planet. With restrictions eased and dine in allowed, I finally managed to head on over to Crepe Runner’s newest outlet in Colpetty which is located down the Marine Drive stretch and hop in on the hype myself.

If you’re looking for a casual date spot or a quick lunch fix with your friends, the Colpetty café will definitely peek your interest. While it is a small café with limited seating, the ambience set for the place is cute, cozy and gives a perfect view of the sea regardless of which table you’re seated at. To add to the bright side of the setting, the workstation is also completely transparent to the customers giving us the confidence and assurance that everything is prepared following the necessary health and safety protocols. An additional plus point for their choice of music playing in the background.

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