Our Story

A Mouthful of Memories

One bite turned into an entire dream in 2019, and that’s when we knew we were embarking on a journey of turning little moments into big memories for everyone else too.

Yes, just one coincidental bite of a french crepe when overseas led us to envision how great it would be if we brought that same experience to the locals in Sri Lanka.

So what did we do? On our return home, we went all-in and experimented with a bunch of recipes. A few tries and…holy Crepes! We nailed it. Between our secret ingredients (you know those passed down by our great-grandmas?) and passion for food, we were ready to say Crepe-diem and seize the crepe!

We started with just a food truck in 2019, 4 years later we have expanded into 10+ branches and are known for the best crepes in town. As you can see, over the years our passion has gotten stronger and our dreams bigger (while our crepes have stayed about the same size).

As a three-time national award-winning SME brand, we proudly stand strong as the most loved restaurant chain in the country.

Now, we’re on a mission to go the extra mile, serve as many smiles, and create as many memories as possible (while still keeping it easy on your wallet). That’s why we ensure we always use the finest, freshest ingredients. No funny stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the good times crepe-in!

Our Team

Heading the finance department at Crepe Runner, Abdus Samad is the man behind the challenging process of number crunching, which means he’s the man behind business operations, crucial pivots and expansion. His speciality is in financial planning & analysis, and strategy.

He is an Accounting & Finance expert who holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of West London, and is also a Qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant certified by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

In order to drive profits, some of his goals are to set the financial direction, develop strategies, work on business sustainability, manage risks, maintain fiscal discipline and enhance overall stakeholder value.

Abdus Salaam is a 3x national award- winning, serial entrepreneur who has
created multiple successful brands, including Crepe Runner, Clueman, and Entrepreneur Wired. He currently overlooks the brand development and business operations – all the way from from marketing, to expansion. He has been pursuing entrepreneurship since the age of 19 and ever since then, he bags immense knowledge and exposure to building businesses and brands from scratch.

He holds a degree in Business and Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and he pursued sports, being one of the youngest Basketball coaches in Sri Lanka heading many reputed schools and academies in Colombo. Abdus is an all-rounder that’s fixated on seeing his new ventures grow from both a business and and a brand standpoint.

Running 5 restaurant branches is no easy task! Mohammed Suhail heads operations is the man in charge of making sure all the cogs and wheels of these branches run smoothly.

Suhail draws up the operations strategy and creates action plans for the day-to-day activities of the business. Process designs, resource allocation, team performance enhancement and Operations efficiency are some of his top skills.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Textile technology from RMIT University of Technology and Design.

Founder’s Story

” Colombo, despite being a major metropolitan hub in Sri Lanka, is still a young city in many years. Its still finding its identity and own path, evolving each year. Before I started Crepe Runner in 2019, the street food industry in Colombo wasn’t quite popular. 

As teens and young adults, we would go to Galle Face Green on a weekend to enjoy the sea breeze and munch on ‘on-the-go’ snacks like Isso Vade. It is in moments like this that I envisioned creating a brand that provided plenty of affordable, rich Sri Lankan cuisine while creating a brand that our folks can relate to. 

Several years later, I found myself constantly visiting some street food joints in Melbourne, and it all came together. As soon as I landed back in Colombo, I shut myself in our home kitchen and started experimenting to nail the art of making the best crepes! Multiple failed attempts later, along with my 2 brothers and a few friends, we created a few recipes that made us confident about its ability to excite the taste buds of my fellow Lankans. I made a gut decision to purchase a food truck and invest in cutlery. Within a few short days, the Crepe Runner Truck was up and running on Marine Drive, Colombo 6. 

The reception from the people of Colombo was nothing short of astounding. Day after day we sold off and had to serve extended hours to meet the ever growing demand for the crepes we made. 

Over the last 4 years, the Crepe Runner brand has grown into a house-hold name, and we have extended our branches to 6 locations, including expansion into Maldives. We even achieved 3x National Awards from SLIM! But, truth be told, nothing is yet to beat the excitement I had when I made my first crepe on the Street food truck at Marine drive. 

Irrespective of what the future holds, our desire to keep pushing boundaries and giving the best possible customer experience will never diminish. That, is largely due to the immense love and support we have received from you, so do keep in touch during the next phase of our journey. “


our values

our values

Continuous Improvement


Supporting the Local Economy

Fun and Energetic

Collaboration over competition

Quality and innovation

Ethical and Responsible

Passion and Commitment

our values

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